I have a passion to speak the Word of God in a way that is accessible to all people, including those who do not speak “Christian-ese.” God’s word is an invitation to freedom. I believe as a communicator if I hold up my own desperate need of Him, the power of God shines right through my weaknesses, and invites people to see God and His awesome saving power!  All too often people attend churches and conferences, and leave feeling like they are not enough because the speakers always seem like SUPERSTARS who have it all together. I like to blow that myth up.  I am simply an everyday gal, who certainly doesn’t have it all together and I share how Jesus meets me in my everyday struggles. As a result, I pray people are encouraged and inspired to take their next step towards Jesus, whatever that may be.

When I speak I always pray God will use me as a catalyst of transformation and revival and that He will use my words to infuse people with strength.  


-Sample Teaching Topics-

  • Get Your Brave On!- Learning to Kick Fear to the Curb
    • Fear often gets in the way of us being who God created us to be. We end up paralyzed and playing the “what if” game. “What if I fail?” “What if people don’t like me?” “What if I am rejected….again?,” and so on. Sunny shares her own wrestle with fear and helps people to learn to put their fear to work and walks through tangible ways to get your BRAVE on.
  • Residing in Hope:
    • Sometimes we end up building a house out of our past.  We take up residence in shame and regret or make a dwelling place out of what happened to us. This all leads to us living enslaved to a season of our lives living with defeat, fear, and hopelessness.  Sunny can relate to the temptation to dwell in past pain, as her life has handed her many opportunities to get trapped there. From being a child raised in a cult, to walking through rejection from those she hoped would protect her, to being abused as a child, Sunny’s life story displays the healing and redemptive hand of God. She has the ability to passionately point to Jesus, and inspires people to “MOVE OUT” of their own past and learn to reside in hope by walking through Psalm 18 and John 5.
  • Faithful in Safe Country:
    • We often dream about what God has for us in the future and we long to be catapulted into our destiny. But God has a way of using our every day experiences to walk us towards what He has had for us all along. In this talk, Sunny focuses on Jeremiah 12,  and leans on urging people to be faithful with what they have today in order to get to the “tomorrow” God has for them.
  • We the Church
    • We are called to be God’s representatives on this earth and yet all too often we end up treating church like a spectator sport or a restaurant where others are to entertain or feed us. In this talk, Sunny helps people see that we are God’s co-workers who have been entrusted with the task of kingdom expansion.  Her passionate call to action is WE THE CHURCH must BE THE CHURCH and this talk is sure to inspire people to take an immediate STAND.

Speaking Sample Video-


To find out more information on having Sunny come speak at your event or to your group, please email pseighteen@gmail.com or fill in the blanks below & we will take care of the rest.

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