Thank You for the Opportunity?

opportunityAs we walk through this life we are afforded new opportunities to place our trust in God. Generally, they do not feel like trust “opportunities”, they actually feel more like difficulties, pain, or hardship and we are left shaking our fists at God, or throwing our hands up in defeat. When our mind is focused purely on seeing the particular circumstance we are walking through as a difficulty, it breeds fear, angst, anxiety, exhaustion, division, and our difficulty or trial seems to hijack our every waking thought. The truth is that we will have difficulty after difficulty, trial after trial, trouble after trouble in this life. We can count on it. Jesus promised it.

In this world you will have trouble. But, take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33b

So, when these difficulties hit, we can focus our mind and attention on the trouble….or we can focus our mind and attention on the opportunity that we have been afforded to place our total trust in Jesus. When life affords us these opportunities,  we are actually being given a gift.

I know that sounds crazy, maybe a bit insensitive, but….

You may not notice PEACE in your life until you have sat in angst, fear, or chaos.

You may never know the beauty of COMFORT if you are never in position to need it.

You may never recognize His PROVISION without sitting in a position where you do not have enough to make ends meet.

We don’t see the MIRACLE without being in desperate need of one.

See, in our troubles, we have been given opportunities to hear Him say, “TAKE HEART..I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.”


all that you need

your peace in the storm


an ever present help in times of trouble

your strength

your Healer


I am in a season right now where I am running to doctor after doctor, searching for answers to my health struggles, a diagnosis, a “fix” to the symptoms I am experiencing. The more I focus on my symptoms and the “what if’s” of my future, the more anxiety and fear enters the picture and the more I want to isolate and the more crippled I become. But, today I was reminded that I have been given an opportunity to see God work, an opportunity for Him to multiply my trust, an opportunity to see His faithfulness, an opportunity for more of HIM. So today, I choose gratitude.

I am praying that if you find yourself in a similar place today, that God will help you somehow choose gratitude and that He will strengthen you for the journey that lies ahead.

Take heart my friend, our Savior has overcome the world!

PS. God Delights In YOU!!!

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