Taking a “Friend” to Bed

blog picThe other day I ran smack dab into a familiar of mine. This friend is not one I especially like to hang out with, because more often than not, I leave our encounters feeling “less than,” or “not enough.”

This particular run in happened so quickly I almost missed it. I was in the middle of telling a story about something that was important to me when I realized that I was not being heard because Facebook had grabbed the attention of the one I was hoping would listen to me.

I kept searching their face for some sign of response to my story, but it was as though no sound was coming out of my mouth. I thought I might be reading the situation wrong, so I stopped mid-sentence to see if it would go unnoticed, and was not surprised that my words fell off the face of the planet as if they did not matter, as if I did not matter.

That’s when I ran into my “friend”. Actually, I wish I could tell you that this friend did not affect me and that I had such healthy self esteem that our encounters did not shake me, but they do, and sometimes it takes me days to recover.

This friend has a name. I don’t know if I should share it with you and it is not necessarily for her protection. I don’t want to share the name, because I am afraid if you know it, then you will see….
You will see parts of me that I would rather keep hidden because sharing proves that I often do not feel worthy, that I am not always brave, strong, or confident.

Just keeping it real over at Four Cracked Pots blog today. I hope you will hop over HERE to read the rest of this post. 




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